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August 12, 2007

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Since May 2007, we – Claudia Wegener and Terry Humphrey, two radio obsessed artists in London – have been running a series of weekly workshops, drop-in radio sessions and live broadcasts on Resonance104.4fm under the title ‘no-go-zones’. We started working with a production team of students from Camberwell College of Art and teenagers from the area of South London collecting recordings, conducting interviews with individuals or groups, reports about the ‘no-go-zone’ experiences we encounter every day. The result of this activity is a growing audio collection of people’s no-go-zone stories, issues and concerns.
The NO-GO-ZONES AUDIO RADIO PROJECT continues with new recordings, reports, on-line and on-air broadcasts of new and archived material, contributions in public events, with new audio donations and contributions by listeners, and the up-coming DVD publication of these contributions: a presentation of the first 100 influences on the NO-GO-ZONES archive.

The project received funding from the Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts programme, Camberwell College of Arts and Southwark Council.


WELCOME to the on-line ARCHIVE of no-go-zone audio clips and samples

LISTENERS and USERS of this open access resource are invited to send us an audio (or audio/visual) record of their listening use of the archived material. We welcome AUDIO DONATION to the archive of listeners no-go-zone stories or reports.
Contact us via:

PLAY LISTS: All audio clips are free to download via their locations on the public service site ‘’. Play-lists of clips can be browsed below on this blog, listed by date of production, grouped under their related events, occasions and reporters, or archived as special report’
. Usually 4-10 tracks are stored under one link to ‘’.
For further information, visual material and updates please visit

Trunkstore art reports:
(featuring Cleon King; and Amanda Francis)
April23 Cleon just driftin 1:10
April23 Cleon’s no-go rap 0:41
April23 Kill things lyrically 1:01
April23 Music and respect 0:58
April23 No-go rap 2 1:22
April23 Rap 4 life 1:26
May17 Amanda’s dandy lion 3:11

Claudia’s reports on ENTELECHY ARTS ‘Ambient Jam’
Edited mixes of footage recorded – lap-top on the floor – during a visit to one of the regular drop-in sessions of ‘Ambient Jam’ in the Albany in Deptford. A group of artists has maintained and developed over a number of years this open space of encounters for more and less handicapped people. On the day of my visit, the artist leading musically through the ‘ambient jamming’ is Charles Hayward.
see: for details
May11 I’m in the zone 2:38
May11 Turn it off 2:40
May11 Whose philosophy? 4:20

in the lecture theatre of Camberwell College of Art in May (by Tutu Benson and Karon Francis)

Reports on arts education:
May4 Karon’s story 2:17
May4 Tutu’s story 0:27
May9 Claire’s blue tooth jingle 0:16
May14 Angelo’s tape 0:29

Tutu’s kitchen reports:
May14 Black Challenge 0:29
May14 Get off your ass 1:25
May14 I can b evil 0:32
May14 Knives of age 1:45

Tutu’s kitchen reports 2:
May14 My people 0:28
May14 No boy – no girl 2:33
May14 Straight guys 1:26
May14 Under age dressin old 1:18

Mixed reports on dreams and ambitions:
May14 Bad men 1:18
May14 More work less partyin 1:22
May14 No no no doctrines 1:22
May14 Going to the top 0:42
May14 Too much testosteron 1:05

Karon and Tutu on familiar matters:
May14 No babies 1:35
May14 No man like my father 2:07
May14 No mum no office 2:00
May14 No screaming dollies 1:39

‘The Unconscious significance of hair’
(Terry’s interview with Naomi)
May21 Hair days 0:57
May21 Naomi’s hair piece 4:28
May21 Terry’s hair bag 0:52

at Camberwell College in May and June
May21 Taxis don’t go south 0:37
May21 Taxi south of the river 4:01
May30 Tutu’s bananas 0:26
June1 Resonant foot print 1:26
June4 My life_Dan 1:22
May29 Same thing over and over 3:36
May29 Different thing 2:01
May29 Making art sense rhythm 4:54
June4 Thales sound walk 2:26
June4 Thales mic beat 0:41
May21 Black swan no orange 2:04
May29 Call yourself as you want it 1:05
May26 Daniel’s hair cut 6:33
June11 Christopher’s bananas 2:27
June11 Confession amnesty 3:48
June11 I hate my space 0:42
June11 No one’s no back bone no longer 7:33
June11 Thales interviews Paulo 6:45
June4 Eula + Terry on fish 3:28
May26 Not in my house 1:14
May31 No bananas no balloons no bridges 2:16
May31 No cheese no fries 2:07
Jingle no idea how bad u r 0:11
Dan’s fresh! Jingle 0:25
June11 Bullet points on square opinions 2:30
June11 Dan interviews Dean 4:45
June11 Kingston’s rough 3:21
June11 No hood’s no camouflage 0:59
June11 No kids no girls no smelly fries 0:54
June11 Nothing’s for free 2:26
June18 No pink no red 1:41
June18 Patrick’s Peckham views 4:05
June18 Skirting it 0:38
June19 Marks no no-go litany 7:55
June20 Karon’s moving it 5:13
Terry’s guillotine jingle 0:30

Sirpa’s no-go sound walk (bin-aural):
The Helsinki artist Sirpa Jokinen was one of the international visitors at the radio drop-in at Camberwell. Her work are sound scapes of cities like Moscow, San Francisco and Helsinki as people she encounters in these places relate them to her. The recordings she made for us are a mix of her sound scape work and the no-go-zone conversations she found us engaging with. In later e-mail correspondences, she told us that she was so intrigued by the no-go-zones project that she took it with her to her students in Helsinki: audio work-shopping Helsinki no-goes with them. We are looking forward to radio correspondence with her group such as we are pursuing them with Garth Rennie at Cjam in Canada. Listen to the two sample clips of Sirpa’s recordings with headphones: she has been using bin-aural mikes for these recordings.
may29 sirpa’s no sound scape (1:05)
may29 sirpa’s no scape sound (1:05)


at Camberwell College Open House 23rd June:
01 art collector (4:43)
02 Dellmay on art pratice (3:31)
03 Sharon returns (1:59)
04 studio bus talks (3:05)
05 studio bus talks 3 (5:37)
06 studio bus talks 4 (4:27)
07 (shorts) no-go office work (0:37)
08 (shorts) olive trees with Fred Aylword (2:03)

at Camberwell College Open House 23rd June:
June25 A lot of robe 2:51
June23 Radio van for no-goes 1:00
June23 Getting ready for war 2:57
June23 Eula & Karon after the show 2:31
June23 Being by myself 1:35
June18 I prefer theatre 0:20
June18 I prefer theatre 2 1:09
June18 Careering out of control 1:10
June16 Sound of naket kebab 1:57
May29 Em’s go-go zones 4:39

June25 Never been here 3:35
June25 Warning light 0:17
June25 Terry’s take on Tate 1:33
June25 Terry’s Tate Britain State Britain 5:11
June25- Another side another frame 3:45
June25 Terry’s take on Tate 2 2:00

Deptford River Bank Songs:
July2 Moves river bank rap 3:41
July2 BigD on fights, media and other no-goes 2:02
July2 Dan’s takin a beat-in 0:19

+ a special celebratory track to an era prior to 1July07
Oct.2006 Pirate Rasta 1:11

clips from Big Dan’s REALITY RADIO collection:
July2 Dan’s audio guides 3:37
July2 Dan’s no-call session 9:55
Warning light jingle 0:04

A Case of Harassment
After a visit in the studio of the painter Alma Tischler Wood: two women are
sitting on a green somewhere in Deptford. Talking colour. Peacefully.
Until something happens… (Reality Radio collection)
July15 On the green green (8:09)

Done on air:
clips from live broadcasts on Resonance104.4fm featuring MOVEZ
Dan on air june7 II 3:58
Dan on air june7 9:46
Dan on air june14 b 0:43
Dan on air june14 II 1:07
Dan on air june14 I 1:16
Dan on air june14 2:20
Barbershop on air june14 2:31

The Tailor (uncut)
An audio report from a place where, usually, we don’t go: the workshop of a tailor’s. There’s the window display with a jacket, a surprisingly beautiful cut, behind, a shop, with the usual furnishings and a couple of memorabilia, and behind that a sanctuary, or no-go-zone: the workshop. It’s 14 years that George Dyer has been working here, doing his cuts, assembling is done elsewhere. A tailor’s goes- and no-goes, these tracks are near real-time conversation, I just couldn’t cut the tailor…!
June28 That tailor of that jacket (9:59)
June28 The tailor of rebel coats (7:44)
June28 The tailor sanctuary (9:55)
June28 The tailor talks colour (6:13)

Conversations in a black cab approaching Bush House:
July5 Bush House Am Bush (1:12)
July5 New Media Medi(t)ation (2:07)
July5 Go-Go Radio No-Goes (5:50)
July5 No-Go-Radio Go-Goes (3:57)
July5 No-Go-Zones Am Bush (3:05)
July5 Out Side Bush House (0:55)
July5 Tourist With No Knickers (1:27)
July5 Sleeping Over Open Doors (6:19)
July5 Talking Sex With My Mum (2:15)
July5 Testing! July5 (0:35)


the following three samples are a special acoustic gifts by the
South African artist Matshepo Zuzile to the no-go-zones project;
these tracks are part of a larger collection of recordings we made
with people at `Cooltan Arts’ on the Walworth Rd in July
(more clips still to come from the many generous audio gifts of this day…)
July9 Matshepo’s song (1:35)
July18 Matshepo’s drums (6:03)
July18 Matshepo’s harp (2:56)
big Dan from the no-go-zones production team recorded a long conversation with Matshepo in the courtyard of Cooltan Arts; here are also two sample clips from the interview:
July9 love no boundaries (3:40)
July9 Matshepo clicks (2:55)

fragments of BRIXTON MEMORIES:

dear listener! please contact us if you’d like to make an audio donation to the collection of ‘Brixton Memories’.

conversations with Guy Brett in a Soho cafe about Brixton and with Terry in the Studio Bus while driving through Brixton on a Sunday evening; and as so often, ending at the Effra…
more to come…
July26 Guy’s Brixton memories (2:27)
July26 Guy’s Brixton memories 2 (4:23)
June3 Terry’s Brixton history ride (7:26)
June3 endin at effra (0:27)

see / listen also to:
Oct.2006 Pirate Rasta (1:11)

the story: three sound systems in Brixton Recreation Centre on a Friday night. ‘university of dub’. i’m outside, holding my old sony cassette dictaphone on the vibrating aluminium window frames… the story’s history: the recreation centre has been sold to greenwich council and is closed for refurbishment… + smoking ban! no ‘university of dub’ in brixton recreation centre no more…
…for continuations of the story :

Railton Road Sound Systems

On August 19th 2007, I came across a memorial event on the adventure playground on Railton Road in Brixton. Just drifting home through the evening drizzle, I happened to linger and listen. The 4min track is an ‘edited mix’ of what I thought I heard that night. It’s a chance record of my attention as a passer-by, and this way, I’d like to offer it back to the community and other listeners out there.
Aug19 Railton Rd Sound System (4:17)
live on-air re-mix by Garth Rennie at cjam:

“Africa in the belly of the beast”
sonic tracks of photographic note-taking in Brixton

George Shire walks through the streets of Brixton. He takes a small camera out of his pocket and takes a picture. He says it’s a way of note taking. He picks up on something he has done 20 years or so ago; taking pictures in Brixton and talking about it. What does he capture? He says he doesn’t quiet know yet; there’s something emerging; perhaps a photograph will show.
I lent my ears, a mike and the sharp knives of editing to a part of this process wondering what other resonances might leave a trace. Perhaps the ear would pick up frequencies, which go unnoticed to the eyes, the lens, and the academic. Feb./March 2008
01 feeding sounds (2:31)
02 walking the turf (3:04)
03 não coldharbour lane (3:11)
04 dread in the belly of the beast (2:03)
05 footsteps in the market (4:24)
06 smoke screens (3:22)
07 forbidden archives (3:16)
08 no place like home (3:07)


Notting Hill Gate Carnival 2006/2007
Track 1 is an edited mix of a conversation with Brazilian artist Giacomo Picca on his experience of joining one of the Notting Hill Carnival clubs. Tracks 2-4 capture a brief conversation with Patricia late in the evening of Carnival Monday 2007. Patricia is ‘The Costume’ at Yaa Asentewaa Arts Club in Notting Hill Gate – thus, the place of passion and exhaustion from which she speaks. Track 5-10 feature edited mixes from last year’s carnival Monday: the Yaa people getting ready for mass.
01 hard work (1:55)
02 Aug27 head’n tail (1:36)
03 Aug27 still here as one (1:57)
04 Aug27 fire system (0:47)
05 bann move (0:56)
06 the chair (0:51)
07 coffee (0:44)
08 bananas (0:49)
09 can’t wait (0:57)
10 condensed history (3:37)
on-air/on-line re-mix by Garth Rennie/cjam at track 1 via:

The Trinidadian filmmaker Mariel Brown talks about her films on Carnival in Trinidad. She reflects on the process of producing the TV documentary “Making Mass” in 2005, and later re-editing her material for a one hour documentary focusing on the people making the carnival rather than on a star designer. She had come to London to shoot parts of a new documentary about a Trinidadian woman artist and jewellery maker. The conversation, on a cool summer evening in the garden of our mutual friends, the interior architects Sevil Peach and Gary Turnbull, meanders gently around the delight and darkness of carnival, of travel and belonging, and of being a creative woman today.
01 acting the dark (3:13)
02 editing the dark (2:44)
03 Making Mass remixed (4:53)
04 voice behind the camera (1:26)
05 empty boxes (5:06)
06 english men (2:22)
07 french hornets (2:13)
08 shopping trauma (2:04)


We don’t know who Alison Wong is. Her name is probably neither Alison nor Wong, but she does exist somewhere out there. She’s sending us these occasional audio reports, like donations from an on-going listening adventure to ‘the streets’ (i.e. everything and everybody ‘peopling’ them). Perhaps these audio clips are random, perhaps they follow some secret plan or pattern. We don’t know. Alison Wong first contacted us with the donation of the ‘shark-man story’. Here is what she wrote to us at the time:
“This was recorded in Catford- I used a small dictaphone and the recording is of a man who just stands watching he stands there for years and one day i spoke to him we went to a park and that was our conversation- he lives in a hostel. I have permission from him- I think it is one of the most beautifulest things any-one has ever said to me, when i played it back he said it was crazy and to do what i wanted with it. Funny but what society deems as crazy, made more sense than any-one deemed not crazy. I would like to donate more material to you. I would like to go under the name ALISON WONG- thank-you.”
1 – shark-man-story (1:09)
2 – demo-IN-London (2:07)
3 – homeless (2:16)

telephone reports from Brussels (German)

” Since January 2008, I live in Brussels and work for the European
Metalworkers’ Federation, the umbrella of all metal unions in Europe.
I am responsible for a project on General Motors (Opel, Vauxhall, Saab)
and their European Works Council in finding a transnational strategy
for the defense of jobs in Europe. Very political and exciting.
But I did not expect to become an auto expert as a cyclist …”
01 living in zones (2:54)
02 work without end (2:32)
03 end of work (1:37)
04 closure after noon (2:51)
05 demanding work (1:49)
06 imagine someone turns the light on (1:54)


Once a week, the DJ DinahBird walks Paris streets with a group of kids from the area of Chateau Rouge out to capture city sounds. She says attention is a problem, puts mikes and recorders in to the hands of the 6-11 year-olds and gets them sit still long enough to edit ‘sonic postcards’ of collected sound stuff for us in ‘Audacity’ (open source soft ware). These tracks of Paris footage are the beginnings of an exchange with ‘no-go-zones’. The kids took to it as a challenge: ‘go where you’d normally not go, do what you’d usually not do!’, for example, asking workers in the street to sing a song to them and their mikes. More’s to come…
balancoire sans enfants (0:42)
berceuse kabyle (0:47)
berceuse tsunike (0:47)
ciment-marteau (1:46)
magasin-de-musique (4:11)
Monsieur Michel (0:53)
Poissonier itv (1:05)
salon coiffure telefilm (1:45)

you can listen to a stream of Dinah’s on-going sound work with the kids
on channel MAMa of Radio1001:

women at night

These short audio clips are peep-holes into a women-only space. The artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre had invited women to her studio in South London for an evening of sharing night-time perspectives and stories, and to celebrate International Women’s Week. You can hear Lottie Child contribute experiences from 24hrs urban walks (, Rachel Anderson about Reclaim the Night marches (, Ann Distin about walking the streets of Berdmonsey at night, and Ana Laura about Olive Morris ( 7 March 2008
01 ’cause you shouldn’t be there (0:34)
02 birds of chance (1:04)
03 exclusion zones (1:32)
04 keeping quiet (0:30)
05 next level (1:07)
06 panic alarm (0:37)
07 reclaim the night (2:02)
08 singing at night (0:46)
09 women only (0:51)
10 on top (0:36)

reports from the london biennale 2008

One night in early February, in the Angel Pub in central London, near St Giles church. The bar has closed, some chairs already on the tables, and a couple of groups are still wrapped in deep conversations. An uninformed passer-by might think having stumbled into a Soho Debating Salon. You can hear the artists Marisa Rueda, Mabel Encinas and David Medalla talking about poets in Latin America and the history of torture, Sumer Erek about Cyprus, participatory art and institutions, Evan about the ‘Prague Spring’, and David Medalla about the London Biennale. If you’d like to know what the London Biennale sounds and looks like other than Sunday-night-in-the Angel-after-hours, please tune in at their website: The 5th London Biennale has just opened with a string of events in Paris and events continue in London till end of August.
01 angel after hours (1:21)
02 time will tell (0:55)
03 truth prevails (1:16)
04 grass roots (1:29)
05 non-existence (1:02)
06 the newspaper house and institutional participation (1:21)
07 who’s the inventor of torture? (2:45)
08 love and death (0:46)

INVISIBLE WRITINGSof an itinerant note-taker

(archiving still in process)
The writer and curator Guy Brett takes note of things that are likely to go un-noted. The selection of eight notes published in audio here, all taken on urban strolls in London were first published in
( ), a magazine printed in invisible ink.
note 1 (free insects) (1:19)
note 2 (no space) (1:13)
note 3 (slow down) (0:36)
note 4 (no pity) (0:20)
note 5 (extreme acid) (1:16)
note 6 (animated constipation) (0:52)
note 7 (gone) (0:19)
note 8 (instruments of abolition) (2:03)

archiving in process:

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