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February 27, 2008


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news from NO-GO-ZONES

this week the no-go-zones audio radio project will be on open-air

following a string of audio clips and contributions to the project from near and far,
Claudia and Terry will talk to Marcus Durran from open-air radio about the journey
inside the no-go-zones audio radio project and what seems to be
coming up on the horizon…
we take the open-air radio show as an occasion to launch:

radio on the horizon

– regular monthly shows by invited presenters and groups (up to 30 mins.)
– micro radio shows (10-15 mins.) by some of our contributors
– an open invitation to our listeners to prepare a micro radio show

– make radio as it should be
– make radio as it will be
– make radio you are searching for
– make radio as it would get you listening

– use the no-go-zones archive as a starting point and resource
– and take it down your own routes and ends
– and add freely from your own stocks

for example:
the angry road: there’s something missing here!
the playful road: throw the dice, let chance choose clips that you’ll present
the musical road: assemble some clips to a mini opera, musical or drama
the docu(mentary) road: start off from some clips in the archive and follow the links, add to the story, the search, the question

and so on…
speak into the gap!

contact us to book a slot via:

ZONE RADIO SHOWS presenters will receive a copy of the forthcoming ‘influence100’ DVD publication
as an additional resource for their show and a thank you

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