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getting ready to broadcast audio introductionHALLO LISTENER!
via these links you can listen to an audio introduction to the project: It’s a conversational drift through the maze, networks and resonant corridors of the NO-GO-ZONES archive and Influence100 publication.

the two clips are edited mixes based on excerpts from a radio show for open-air radio (SOAS).
the entire programme can be accessed at:

An earlier introductory installment and invitation to contribute with your influence:…_.mp3

The NO-GO-ZONES audio archive invites you:
– use the archived recordings as a resource for your own work
– send us a 2-3 minutes record of the resulting mix (audio or audio /visual)
– donate a sample from your own archive to the no-go-zones collection
– up-load your recordings, responses, re-mixes on
and send us the link via one of the comment boxes on this blog.


We – Claudia Wegener and Terry Humphrey, two radio obsessed artists in London – kicked off the NO-GO-ZONES audio project with a series of weekly workshops, drop-in radio sessions and live broadcasts on Resonance104.4fm in the spring 2007. We have been working with a young production team of students from Camberwell College of Art and teenagers from the area of South London. Out with the NO-GO-ZONES studio van, we recorded the life stories of individuals experiences and discussions of groups. The result of this activity is an open archive of people’s no-go-zone stories, issues and concerns.

The archive of the NO-GO-ZONES project contains the recordings of our live radio programmes, as well as all individual audio clips used in the broadcasts. The clips are free to download for everyone who’d like to listen and utilise the audio in their own work; play-lists of clips can be browsed via the blog ( We are continuously adding to the archive and very much welcome your contributions, recordings and responses.

On June 4th, NO-GO-ZONES had an ‘outing’ on Canadian air: Garth Rennie, who is running the weekly show, ‘sound scape rhythms’, at CJAM ( presented live radio mixes from our on-line archive and an interview with us on the phone about the project. The following day, we aired clips of the CJAM broadcast in our show on Resonance fm ( You can listen to the sound of this on-air encounter and live mixing via the following link:

The process of a correspondence via radio productions and programmes seemed to us an opportunity for communication and exchange worth developing. We are interested exploring these forms of transient and spontaneous ‘communities’ on-air with groups and individuals elsewhere, across divides, around common concerns.

And this is why we’d like to invite you to listen to our archive and send us a record of the encounter with yours: we are calling for listening encounters that will influence us and the journey ahead.

Please check
for details and up-dates of how you can tune in from where ever you are.

The NO-GO-ZONES audio radio project received funding and support from the Arts Council England, Camberwell College of Arts and TrAIN, Southwark Council, Resonancefm, openair radio (SOAS), cjam91.5fm, radio1001 and Double Entendre.

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