nogozones project

Reports by Alison Wong

We don’t know who Alison Wong is. Her name is probably neither Alison nor Wong, but she does exist somewhere out there. She’s sending us these occasional audio reports, like donations from an on-going listening adventure to ‘the streets’ (i.e. everything and everybody ‘peopling’ them). Perhaps these audio clips are random, perhaps they follow some secret plan or pattern. We don’t know. Alison Wong first contacted us with the donation of the ‘shark-man story’. Here is what she wrote to us at the time:

“This was recorded in Catford- I used a small dictaphone and the recording is of a man who just stands watching he stands there for years and one day i spoke to him we went to a park and that was our conversation- he lives in a hostel. I have permission from him- I think it is one of the most beautifulest things any-one has ever said to me, when i played it back he said it was crazy and to do what i wanted with it. Funny but what society deems as crazy, made more sense than any-one deemed not crazy. I would like to donate more material to you. I would like to go under the name ALISON WONG- thank-you.”

1 – shark-man-story (1:09)
2 – demo-IN-London (2:07)
3 – homeless (2:16)

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