nogozones project


dear listener! please contact us if you’d like to make an audio donation
to the collection of ‘Brixton Tracks’.

fragments of BRIXTON MEMORIES:

conversations with Guy Brett in a Soho cafe about Brixton and with Terry in the Studio Bus while driving through Brixton on a Sunday evening; and as so often, ending at the Effra…
more to come…
July26 Guy’s Brixton memories (2:27)
July26 Guy’s Brixton memories 2 (4:23)
June3 Terry’s Brixton history ride (7:26)
June3 endin at effra (0:27)

see / listen also to:
Oct.2006 Pirate Rasta (1:11)

the story: three sound systems in Brixton Recreation Centre on a Friday night. ‘university of dub’. i’m outside, holding my old sony cassette dictaphone on the vibrating aluminium window frames… the story’s history: the recreation centre has been sold to greenwich council and is closed for refurbishment… + smoking ban! no ‘university of dub’ in brixton recreation centre no more…
…for continuations of the story :

Railton Road Sound Systems

On August 19th 2007, I came across a memorial event on the adventure playground on Railton Road in Brixton. Just drifting home through the evening drizzle, I happened to linger and listen. The 4min track is an ‘edited mix’ of what I thought I heard that night. It’s a chance record of my attention as a passer-by, and this way, I’d like to offer it back to the community and other listeners out there.
Aug19 Railton Rd Sound System (4:17)

“Africa in the belly of the beast”
sonic tracks of photographic note-taking in Brixton

George Shire walks through the streets of Brixton. He takes a small camera out of his pocket and takes a picture. He says it’s a way of note taking. He picks up on something he has done 20 years or so ago; taking pictures in Brixton and talking about it. What does he capture? He says he doesn’t quiet know yet; there’s something emerging; perhaps a photograph will show.
I lent my ears, a mike and the sharp knives of editing to a part of this process wondering what other resonances might leave a trace. Perhaps the ear would pick up frequencies, which go unnoticed to the eyes, the lens, and the academic. (Feb./March 2008)
01 feeding sounds (2:31)
02 walking the turf (3:04)
03 não coldharbour lane (3:11)
04 dread in the belly of the beast (2:03)
05 footsteps in the market (4:24)
06 smoke screens (3:22)
07 forbidden archives (3:16)
08 no place like home (3:07)

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