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August 20, 2008


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‘inter-continental links and extra-ordinary radio projects’
a live-skyped joined radio show with artists in Rio de Janeiro broadcast on Resonancefm:

100 influence contributions streaming on radio1001

‘sounds of no-go-zones’ programme on open-air radio

tune in and enjoy!

June 23, 2008


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* tune-in : click on the player for influence 100 stream
* feed-back :

this text summarizes a story of slow broadcast and radio inter-action
which unfolds while listening to the stream of 100 influences…

‘influence100’ is a product of on-going audio correspondence between listeners. it maps a collection of 100 influences on NO-GO-ZONES, a public audio radio project, which began its journey with workshops for students and teenagers in South London, drop-in studio sessions, and live broadcasts on Resonance fm in spring 2007. From there, a growing on-line archive and listening exchange developed: the no-go-zones audio archive.

* access and download archived audio here :

‘influence100’ is one stop-over (a station) in an on-going search for ‘the sound of radio’ tuned particularly to radio’s conversational processes and procedures. the journey to this ‘station’ has been a hands-on, ear-in-the-street, and shared research into broadcasting and listening. the DVD compiles findings from a joint search, again, in a conversational way that may ‘sound like radio’.

‘influence100’ is an invitation to copy, continue, re-cycle and re-mix all the findings the project presents, be it by sourcing the audio of the DVD collection or the no-go-zones archive for compositions, or by copying the processes used here as a road-map, or re-cycling the procedures of radio inter-action as a tool-box for ‘radio community making’ where ever you are.

If you enjoy what you are hearing from us and it speaks to you, do get in touch. With your feed-back, and responses, or reports from your own journey, you can continue to influence how the stories of slow broadcast and radio-interaction will unfold and be told in the future…

* connect to this project :

Please up-load your recordings, responses, re-mixes on
and send us the link via the comment box of the index page.
Thank you for lending an influential ear to no-go-zones.
Thank you for listening!

a more detailed version of this text is accessible here : and open for updates, contributions and exchanges on ways of on-line broadcasting and related concerns
‘influence100’ is published under the Creative Commons license allowing non-commercial use.
The project has received funding and support from:
Camberwell College of Arts, Arts Council England, Southwark Council, TrAIN, Resonancefm, open-air radio, cjam91.5fm, radio1001 and Double Entendre
* download pdf of press-release here :

January 25, 2008

influences on NO-GO-ZONES 30-odd seconds in-flux index

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these 30-odd-seconds audio clips are part of a rolling index of contributions towards the forthcoming
DVD publication of 100 influences on NO-GO-ZONES to be release by Double Entendre in Spring 2008


ARWINDER BAWA for paali (0:33)
BILL RYLEY special delivery (0:32)
CAROLINE BERGVALL summer tale (0:26)
CLAIRE MORALES iono (0:33)
DINAH BIRD postcard from paris (0:33)
foreign investment OP.3 (0:26)
FRAN LANDESMAN white nightmare (0:24)
GAEL SEGALEN empty cab (0:34)
GUY BRETT notes from an itinerant note taker (0:19)
JEM MACKAY swarmtv (0:22)
JOACHIM MONTESSUIS ridiculous (0:37)
MABEL ENCINAS woman (0:19)
NINA BARNETT immigrantbox (0:33)
WILLIAM KENTRIDGE captive (0:30)
ANGELA HAUSHEER & LEO BACHMANN no-go-zone movie (0:34)
BEN OWEN 2008131 (0:32)
CHRIS JEEP religion i’d say (0:27)
GIACOMO PICCA jalmax (0:33)
JEAN-PHILIPPE ROUX acting dark (0:36)
found object (MARIA MOREIRA) guyana voices (0:33)
MICHAEL CURRAN dandelion (0:26)
SIMONE & CORAL MICHELIN mangueira sound track (0:31)
MRS GREGORY SINGS pretty as a picture (0:20)
OTTO SANTALA barbermachinemadness (0:29)
RODOLPHE ALEXIS shino b (0:30)
ROMANO metaprogram (0:31)
CYRIL LEPETIT yes/no-go-zones movie (0:33)
FRANCIS THORBURN free rides (0:33)
ALISON WONG home less (0:27)
PHILL NIBLOCK grind (0:36)
OCEAN VIVA SILVER no babies zone (0:27)
ANGELO MADONNA kroniko ngz (0:37)
MARK MCGOWAN artist on fire (0:31)
BEN world view (0:36)
SUSAN WISHART HALAWI creative things (0:26)
FRANK SCHUURMANS sound bites animation (0:26)
OREET ASHERY golani varanasi (0:31)
TETINE disritimia (0:33)
JAMES BECKETT taylor cut up (0:33)
TIM LAMBERT same thing over and over (0:31)
TODD MERRELL coldharbour lane (0:33)
SIRPA JOKINEM i m questioning (0:29)
ALAN DUNN nomadawontgetout (0:33)
ALISON WONG shark-man-story (0:33)
AYMERIC DE TAPOL voice behind the camera (0:34)
BERANGERE MAXIMIN night ritual (0:37)
BRANDON WRIGHT & ALEX COSTARIS finalstage on nogozones (0:34)
CHANTAL PARE get naked (0:27)
DAVID PALAZON sound bites from a no-go-zones movie (0:34)
GARTH RENNIE bobbie orr n railton road (0:34)
GORAN VEJVODA taped vision (0:30)
JACQUELINE JACOBS windsor pride (0:29)
JOE FRAWLEY black swan (0:30)
LASSE-MARC RIEK dan on air (0:31)
LAILA MUSHAHWAR keischas vase (0:33)
LINDSEY bordercity (0:36)
PETER KUSACK londonbridgestation (0:34)
RODOLPHE ALEXIS makin it to 16 (0:37)
SHAWN HOLMAN & SABRINA ODDI multiple diversions (0:30)
SIRPA JOKINEM you can’t think differently (0:32)
TOM JAMES original fish (0:37)

last up-dated 20/03/08

January 8, 2008

100 influences on NO-GO-ZONES

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of the NO-GO-ZONES audio radio project

an open access collection of mainly spoken word audio samples inviting you to
• use the archived recordings as a resource for your own work
• send us a 2-3 minutes record of the result (audio or audio /visual)

Hallo Listener!
here are some updates on our running DVD publication project


• we have extended the deadline for submissions to 4th February 2008
• it would be helpful if you could let us know us by 18th January if you wish
to contribute to this publication and in which format
• we hope to include a wide variety of audio and audio/visual re-mixes
and re-edits of NO-GO-ZONES in the publication
• the DVD of the first 100 influences will be released in an edition of 500 by
Double Entendre in spring 2008
• some recent contributions are already accessible on-line and we’d like to thank
the senders and all of you for your active listening

recent contribution and archived recordings are accessible via the play lists here on this blog
for further information see also :
contact us at :

December 5, 2007

100 influences

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of the NO-GO-ZONES audio radio project


Below are links to examples of influences, that’s to say re-mixes based on the on-line archive of no-go-zone audio samples. We are listing them here as examples of what we are having in mind when we are now calling for contributions to our
publication project influence100.
The film by David Palazon and the radio broadcasts with Garth Rennie in Canada were actually initiating the very idea of calling for contributions which would be a product or record of somebody’s attentive listening: active listening. We thought that the product of active listening would always be a re-mix or re-edit of sorts, since it would join and relate what had been heard (a sample from the no-go-zone archive) with the listening background, place, experience (the ‘archive’ or ‘work’ or life story) of a listener.

1. live on-air mixes
Garth Rennie, who’s running the weekly show Sound-scape-rhythms on the Canadian station Cjam produced spontaneous on-air mixes from the no-go-zones archive while also running an interview with us on the phone about the project (4th July); or, recently (14th Nov.) mixed audio tracks from the on-line archive with 1970s vinyl recordings of the Canadian Hockey star Bobby Orr talking life and hockey. You can find a list of all the links on the page entitled “radio communities (cjam)”. Here is one of the links to a number of clips from the July broadcast:

2. audio visual mixes and movies
David Palazon accompanied the no-go-zones production team between May and July on a number of occasions, during drop-in radio sessions, studio-van outings and live on-air broadcast in the Soho studio of Resonance104.4fm. The resulting film is a re-mix of his audio and visual recordings with audio tracks from the on-line archive. The film is one chapter of a one-hour film by Palazon recently previewed at AREA10 during a day of performances and events organised by the South London Institute of Common Sense (SLICS). To view the no-go-zones movie, please go to:

3. audio re-mixes
The Liverpool based artist Alan Dunn has made and sent us four audio ‘compositions’, based on one particular track from the no-go-zone archive, re-mixed and re-related to an occasion of his recent interest and work. The re-mixes are beautifully presented on his webpage. Please visit via this link to see and listen:

4. contributions of audio reports:
from the border Windsor/ Detroit
these individual contributions of no-go-zone audio reports from Canada are reaching us as a result of the radio correspondence with Garth, Cjam and ‘Sound-Scape-Rhythms’:

1. NGZ by finalstage
from and with: Brandon Wright & Alex Costaris
conversational drift around no-go-zones on the border Windsor/ Detroit

2. No Go Zones: Where do you Stand: Proud vs. Ambulant
by Shawn Holman & Sabrina Oddi
We interviewed multiple people asking them questions about how they feel about immigration
and the state of multiculturalism in Canada.”

Interviewees: Erikka Johnson, Doug, Rob Wade, Ron Rounding
Music: “Million Stars”, courtesy of Credible Witness, a local Windsor band.

3. “Get Naked (I Got a Plan)”
save the children from corporate domination
by Chantal Pare

4. “These Other Kids”
by Andrew, Lucas & Emily

5. “Keishas Vase”. She is drawing a vase.
by Layla

6. “Bordercity”
by Lindsey
This is a clip discussing life living in the border city of Windor, Ontario and the positives
and negatives that living so close to a U.S. city brings.

DONATIONS: if you would like to make an AUDIO DONATION to the archive of a no-go-zone story you have recorded please contact us via: LISTENERS and USERS of this open access resource are invited to send us an audio (or audio/visual) record of their listening and how they have used some of the archived material

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