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One night in early February, in the Angel Pub in central London, near St Giles church. The bar has closed, some chairs already on the tables, and a couple of groups are still wrapped in deep conversations. An uninformed passer-by might think having stumbled into a Soho Debating Salon. You can hear the artists Marisa Rueda, Mabel Encinas and David Medalla talking about poets in Latin America and the history of torture, Sumer Erek about Cyprus, participatory art and institutions, Evan about the ‘Prague Spring’, and David Medalla about the London Biennale.

If you’d like to know what the London Biennale sounds and looks like other than Sunday-night-in-the Angel-after-hours, please tune in at their website:
The 5th London Biennale has just opened with a string of events in Paris and events continue in London till end of August.
01 angel after hours (1:21)
02 time will tell (0:55)
03 truth prevails (1:16)
04 grass roots (1:29)
05 non-existence (1:02)
06 the newspaper house and institutional participation (1:21)
07 who’s the inventor of torture? (2:45)
08 love and death (0:46)


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