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We first encountered the story of RASAfm while surfing radio projects on Pambazuka News, run by the human rights organisation Fahamu, had published an interview with Molefi Ndlovu, one of the organisers, member of the RASA radio collective and indymedia Johannesburg.
Here are the links we had followed:

We were delighted to listen to the precision with which issues of popular participation in media were raised, articulated and carried forward into a community, into action, into communal radio efforts and ‘into the air’…

The tracks assembled here, are the result of a telephone conversation with Molefi in February 2008, following on from his interview with Pambazuka news.
01 terrains of contest (4:10)
02 media for community development (2:38)
03 archive and action (3:29)
04 basis of civilization (4:44)
05 RASA building free space (3:27)
06 RASA radio efforts (3:29)

We are keen to hear your responses to the issues you find raised here on the background of your own experiences with public radio projects.
– record a conversation or discussion with a group of people involved in public radio projects where ever you are (15- 30mins)
– put the audio up on and send us the link
– we, from the no-go-zones audio radio project will respond in the same way
– and, hopefully other listeners will pick up and join in…

links to some related tracks on radio and ‘media’
in the NO-GO-ZONES archive:

– conversation in a black cab approaching Bush House:
– radio communities (CJAM):

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