nogozones project

Brussels reports

telephone reports from Brussels (German)

” Since January 2008, I live in Brussels and work for the European
Metalworkers’ Federation, the umbrella of all metal unions in Europe.
I am responsible for a project on General Motors (Opel, Vauxhall, Saab)
and their European Works Council in finding a transnational strategy
for the defense of jobs in Europe. Very political and exciting.
But I did not expect to become an auto expert as a cyclist …”
01 living in zones (2:54)
02 work without end (2:32)
03 end of work (1:37)
04 closure after noon (2:51)
05 demanding work (1:49)
06 imagine someone turns the light on (1:54)

summary in English:
living in zones (on zones of life, light and work, their different organisation and dynamics in two European cities, Paris and Brussels)
work without end (on working – day and night – for a company specialised in advising and linking works councils across Europe)
end of work (on ‘Manchester Capitalism’, headcount reductions and public unrest in central Europe to day)
closure after noon (on closure and liquidation of a glass-factory (RKL Essen, Germany) and the fight against it)
demanding work (thoughts on the need for rituals and creative support from artists in case of a ‘resuscitation’ of work, works and workers)
imagine someone turns the light on (on workers running their own factory in need of ‘foreign investment’)

*note: in track 05 and 06 reference is made to one London based artist collective in particular; the name of the group is ‘foreign investment’

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