nogozones project


Every Thing’s Broad Casting
From an ongoing research into ways of listening

a. speaking to listen (to yourself + others)
b. ‘spit’ listening
c. listening as live edit
d. listening as (re)mix
e. listening as programme making
f. listening as action
g. listening as influence
h. listening as sampling
i. listening through gadgets
j. listening to archives
k. listening to everything, random live listening
l. listening as travel or traffic
m. listening to the sound of alien territory
n. listening to an unknown language
o. listening as space and hospitality
& letting listening take over

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  1. I am working with the Aubrey Williams Committee and Adrian Glew from the Tate recommened I source the following – it would be useful to listen to the archive – Claudia Wegener recorded the reflections of a 50yr old man’s response to the Goodison Room display on his first visit to Tate. Could you email the link. many thanks

    dr fiona wilkes

    Comment by fiona wilkes — October 16, 2007 @ 7:51 am

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